Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween, and 18-month sleep remission

Happy November everyone! Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I went as a "doctor" and Liam went as Superman. We had a great time (even though it was raining) and he got some candy. Then most of the candy we did get, we ended up giving away to trick-or-treaters.

Update on Me: I did test positive for either once having chicken pox or receiving the pox vaccine. This is good and means that I am not a risk for getting it from his daycare. I got blood work back from last week and my creatinine levels are now 0.8 (which is considered NORMAL!). Everything else looks great and he was really happy with were things are. He has lowered my prednisone down from 10mg to 7.5mg. Then in 4 weeks (December 9th) it will go down to 5, then 2.5 (January 6th), then 2.5 every other day (Feb 3rd) then NONE (March)! They also adjusted my hydroxychloroquine to 300mg since 400mg was too high and had a risk of possible blindness. I have also been taken off of my antibiotic, but I have to stay on my mycophenolate (cellcept) till June 2014 before we even consider something else. He also wants to keep me on my blood pressure meds since I still have slight proteinuria. I'm feeling ok (except for being tired and my hair is still falling out) but wish things were going just a bit faster. At least they are not going in the other direction!

Update on Liam: We believe he is going through the 18 month sleep regression. The past couple of nights he has been waking up in the night and early in the morning. There is also a possibility that he could be getting a cold (hope not!). He has learned how to wave bye bye and say bye. We also bought him different sippy cups. They are from tommee tippee and he seems to be doing well with them. This past weekend I attended a cloth diapering class on laundry tips and daycare. It was good and I even got a $10 coupon at their store. His cloth diapers have been going well and I have discovered that pineapples are what is possibly giving him a horrible rash. I bought some wetbags for daycare (since they insisted on putting each diaper in its own bag before it goes into the large wetbag) and I did get a slight attitude this morning. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Update on the house: They are starting work on our side room (coffin room) this week and hopefully work in there will be completed by Christmas! This is the room  that we usually have the tree in so it would be nice if we could get that room completed and useable by then.