Friday, December 6, 2013

Update: Thanksgiving & 17 months

Its been about a month since I was last able to update. Things have been busy with teaching and getting together with family as well as getting ready for the holidays. I am doing well, health wise, as is everyone else. Liam is back on a regular sleep schedule and I have actually been waking him up in the mornings to get to daycare on time.  We finally got around to getting a fire-gate around our fireplace and have been lighting fires ever since. It's been nice since our house has zero insulation and I get cold easily.In the last blog post I had mentioned that we were working on fixing one of the rooms in our house. It is still being worked on and should be complete by January (fingers crossed).

Liam did get a bit of a cold the week of Thanksgiving (104 fever, throwing up) but it didn't last very long and he was able to enjoy his time down with his grandparents (and great grandmother). He ate up at the table during thanksgiving and enjoyed everything (except turkey). He was in his element at my mothers house, running here and there.

My mother has carpeted stairs that lead up to two bedrooms and a bathroom. He loved climbing up them and then bumping down on his butt. We tried to teach him to go down on his tummy but my strong willed boy wanted to do things his way. The day before we were to go home, he was bumping down on his butt, leaned too far forward and took a tumble. It scared both Steve and I, and left Liam with a giant bump on his head. Thankfully, the bump was gone the next day and it didn't deter him from trying to climb the stairs later that night. That Saturday we also went out with my mom and got Christmas tree. Since we are doing Christmas at our house this year instead of at her house, we wanted to help her get into the Christmas spirit.

Another update on the diapers and rashes. We decided to get a couple more diapers (thank you Black Friday) and I also discovered that not only do pineapples make him break out in a rash but so do strawberries. Since cutting out those two foods, we have been rash free! I have also perfected my washing  sequence and have gotten it down to two hours of washing. First and most importantly, I have been hand rinsing his diapers. This has completely eliminated that horrid ammonia smell that would build up after a day or two. This also allows me to wash diapers every three days instead of two. On laundry day, I first do a quick rinse/spin (minus the spin, so that the diapers are heavy). Then I do a regular Hot wash (1 scoop of R&G) on the heavy setting, with a high spin cycle and to that I add two extra rinses.  That's it!

Plans for this upcoming weekend include decorating for Christmas and attending Steve's company Christmas party. Now that the semester is at a close, I plan to keep up blogging a bit more. Keep a watch out for two product reviews shortly.