Thursday, July 19, 2012

Recovery Update

Liam is 3 weeks old and we are doing well. I am still healing from both the delivery and surgeries but mentally doing much better. For those who sent prayers, kind words and thoughts, thank you. I have been behind on answering emails and forum posts but I will catch up soon! It's amazing how much time this little bundle takes up. Even this post was written on my iPhone.

My sister and nephew, from AZ, have been here for over a week and have been so helpful. Liam is getting SO big. Hes out of newborn diapers, and newborn onsies. Hes into size one diapers (yes we are still using disposable) and 0-3 month old clothes. We have been able to get out for about an hour for doctor visits and outings to the park. Because I am still breastfeeding, we are on Liam's schedule (which is unpredictable). Sometimes he eats every 3 hours, sometimes every hour.

Nights have been tough. I have been getting broken sleep and because I am breastfeeding Steve can't take the night shift. I do plan to start pumping within the week. Showers are a luxury as is getting dressed.

They say that you forget all the pain of the delivery and it's true. I, however, have not forgotten the trauma the week after. We had planned to have another within a couple of years but I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared at the thought of another and the possibility of a hard labor or another pph. I'm sure over time that too will fade. Until then I am enjoying every moment with my son (who is curled up on my chest as I type this on my iPhone).

Until you have a son/daughter, you can never imagine how possible it is to function on 3 hours of sleep or to have this unbelievably strong bond that can't compare to anything else. No book can prepare you for how to be a mom, how to breastfeed, how to sooth your baby. But when he looks up at you with those big eyes and cute facial expressions, or falls asleep on your chest, all the frustration melts away and it's all worth it.