Monday, February 22, 2016

New additions to our family coming in April!

I wanted to post this shortly after my UPDATE post since I know some of you may be itching to know about our new additions to the family coming the last week in April. My husband and I had discussed the possibility a couple of years ago. We had bought the books and did the research. We even talked about where they were going to live once they grew up. But then I got sick and plans got put on the back burner. And then Emily came.

But now we are in full planning and designing mode. We had to ask the Town's permission (permission?) and applied for a permit (permit?!).  We also, out of respect for our closet neighbor, informed her of our soon to arrive additions.  Steve's been planning and designing a modification to our property as a result and broke ground a couple days ago on the construction of it.  This coop is going to be awesome!

COOP!? Yup, thats right! We are getting chickens!!! Chicks to be exact. I plan on hatching a coworkers fertilized chick eggs at school as part of an embryology lab and then raising the chicks in our basement. Once they are 5-6weeks old they will be moved out the coop that my husband is planing on building. We will keep you updated of our progress.