Friday, May 31, 2013

11 months! (and 4 days): Up and Down, Daddy, new food, crawling (finally!)

Today my William is 4 days past his 11 month birthday! He is on the move constantly and really has built up his confidence. He can get up onto the sides of things (wall, couch, legs, dresser etc.) and then down just as easily. He can effortlessly travel from one side of the room to the other by army crawling, cruising and semi-crawling.

1 day shy of this 11 month birthday he, very softly, said Dada. Excitedly I told Steve but I know it wasn't the same as actually hearing him. That very next day, both Dada and Daddy were being said and Steve got to hear them. That same day he (Liam) got to see his very first parade! We all went down to the town historical society and watched the Memorial Day parade.

In the title of this post, I mention crawling (finally). Liam IS crawling but only in short spurts. This shows me that he knows HOW to crawl, but chooses not to. He will crawl to an object if he is planing on shortly pulling up on it. If the object is across the room, he much prefers to drag his little body across the floor. Maybe its because we have wood floors.

Food has become easier to fix for him. I can give him a nutrigrain blueberry waffle for breakfast, some cheese and fruit for lunch, and veggies and fruit (or egg) for dinner. He loves fruit and will eat strawberry slices off my plate, apricot slices, pears, bananas etc. He doesn't care too much for watermelon but I may try that again today. Also the quantity of food has increased.

He is still nursing well despite some recent challenges. I just got over a slight bout of Thrush which made it almost unbearable to nurse. It felt like pins were being driven into my breast and then it would burn. After some prescription cream and lanolin, I am 90% healed. I have one tender area that is slow to heal but it is miles better.  Another nursing challenge are the awkward positions that he tends to put himself in. Upside down, sideways, right side up. He will latch on, nurse, unlatch, move to another position, latch on, nurse and so forth. The only time he is quiet is late at night.

Am I ready to wean? No, not really. Just yesterday he was nursing and hitting me in the head. I decided to playfully tap him back. He thought this was hilarious and started giggling, making milk dribble down his chin. This made me laugh and he laughed harder. But I know with my overload next year that I will not have time to pump so I have to get him on a sippy cup this summer. As mentioned previously, I have a ton of frozen milk that needs to be used up. Today is day one.