Thursday, May 23, 2013

47 Weeks Old: Cruising, End of Daycare, New Car, 6th tooth!

William is 47 weeks old and only 35 days away from his first birthday!!! Cruising has commenced in full swing and he is up on EVERYTHING. He even scaled the wall of his bedroom in order to stand up. As you can tell from the above photo, we had to lower his crib since he is at risk for going right over the railing. He also refuses to sit in his exersaucers but will stand and play with it that way. He will grab onto the seat and push it forward, like a walker.

One thing that Liam still needs to learn is how to get down. He is great at going from army crawling (yup, still not crawling regularly) to sitting, to pulling up on something. However once he is up, he doesn't really know how to get down. This makes bedtime especially hard when hes cruising in his crib but cant go back down to go to sleep. 

Daycare is officially over till the end of summer which means that I too am officially on summer break. This summer will not be much of a break for me, as I am going to be working on lesson plans for a new course I am teaching, end of the year evaluations, and building two websites.

Over the last week I was teaching Ecology, at a summer camp, to rising sophomores. I taught from 9am till 3pm. It was a pain to find time pump but the challenge didn't really come until Saturday when Liam wasn't in daycare. This was the first time in a long time that my husband had him ALL DAY. It was a disaster. Liam refused all his bottles from Daddy, was fussy, and a winy mess. I ended up taking him to camp with me the following day but this has me worried about when we begin to wean him. If he wont take a bottle from me or daddy, how am I going to wean him over the summer?

This is my plan. Once he turns 11 months, I plan to drop his 9am feeding and substitute with a bottle of frozen breastmilk (I still have about 200 ounces that need to get used). If he wont take a bottle, I will try a cup or sippy. If I see that the sippy creates him biting me, I will try something else. In a typical day with me he will nurse: around 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 3am. Some nights he will drop the 3am feeding and other nights he wont. Last night he went to sleep at 6pm and didn't wake up till 11pm. So once I have the 9am bottle established (probably by the time he is 1 year), then I will spend the next month slowly dropping another daytime feeding. By mid august, I would like to have the only time nursing him be 6am and 9pm (and 3am if he wakes up). I also need to talk to his pediatrician about what to feed him once my frozen milk runs out.

Two days ago we bought a new car for the family, a Honda Odyssey! We are so excited. It is going to make getting him into the car so much easier and long trips down to see family a breeze. Memorial Day is coming up and it will be Liam's first parade.

**edited to add that upon brushing his teeth this morning, his 6th tooth popped in! He now has 4 at the top, two at the bottom.