Sunday, May 12, 2013

First Mother's Day! 10.5 Months Old!

Today is officially my first Mother's Day (even though I was pregnant with him last Mother's Day).

The one thing that I wanted for Mother's Day was not to cook breakfast (something I do ever weekend). We decided to go out to Denny's and it was actually really nice. My little man had eggs, pancakes and a bit of white toast. After breakfast, we went out on a nice walk.

The last couple of weeks he really has been doing well with getting around. He now gets up on his tippy toes, with his butt in the air, and either plops right back down or flops into a sitting position. He also can walk rather well while holding onto my hands.

Something else that happened within the last two weeks: Liam got his 5th tooth! This pearly white popped through a day after his 10 month birthday.  He's been great at solids and there really isn't too much that he doesn't like. He loves pancakes or waffles for breakfast (self-fed) or oatmeal if I have time, a fruit for lunch (pears, peaches, etc.), and usually veggies, fruit and grain for dinner. Last night he had couscous, with sweet potato pure and spinach. He loved it. I do try to get some protein in him (usually eggs) but if its not an already-made jar, its hard to prep chicken or turkey for him. I am thinking of cooking some ground turkey ahead of time for him, freezing it in portions and taking it out for dinner.

Daycare happily reminded me that he will be one next month. ONE! Where did this year go?! The talk of weaning has come up from one person or another and I never thought I'd feel this way but I am actually really sad to even think about beginning to wean him. Nursing him really has become a joy and I can't imagine that cuddle time gone. I know I have mentioned this in the past but I plan to slowly cut back daytime feeding starting in July and ending in August. If he nurses still at night, that's fine with me.

I went and saw his new Daycare on Friday. They are 2 miles from where I work and are a lot smaller than the daycare he is at right now. I really hope that he does ok there. He will be starting up there when he is 15 months.

Lastly, his sleep has become so much better. I can put him down to sleep at night or for a nap completely awake and for most of the time he will fuss for about 2-3 minutes and then put himself to sleep.  His nightly wakings have also decreased. He usually wakes about 9/9:30, midnight and around 5am. 

For those Moms who read my bog, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY from one blessed mother to another.