Sunday, February 9, 2014

19 Months old!

Hello Everyone! I just want to start off this post by saying that I am officially a US citizen! One of the reasons for wanting this now is that I can finally take my husband's last name. I will no longer have to say, "I am so-and-so, mother of William" (since we currently have different last names). On January 17th, I had my interview and passed. They asked me 6 questions:

1. Name two national holidays.
2. What is the supreme law of the land?
3. Who is the Governor of your state now?
4. Who is the father of our country?
5. What did Martin Luther King, Jr. do?
6. Where is the statue of liberty?

I was bummed that the ceremony wasn't the same day but the daycare toddlers had made me a really nice sign.

Then on February 7th, two days after my birthday, I had my official ceremony. Steve went with me and I got an official certificate. After the ceremony we went down to the social security office to start the processes of changing my name in EVERYTHING (which we later found out that it takes about 4-6 weeks).

Update on Liam: My wonderful Liam is 19 months old! He is recovering from a cold which transpired from another bout of croup. His cold also turned into a double ear infection again. Due to the antibiotics, we have him in disposable diapers (since he usually gets a yeast infection when on antibiotics and we are trying to avoid a yeast build up in his diapers). Daycare has expressed their concerns about his speech and we looked into getting him evaluated. I plan to start the evaluation processes in May, if things do not improve by then. In the mean time, we are going to get his hearing checked. The pediatrician suspected that he could have some hearing damage due to all the ear infections.

I also recently purchased more clothes for him because his head is too big to fit though some of his shirts as well as his pajamas are too short. He is now officially in 2T clothes. I also got him 3 Melisa and Doug puzzles. He wasn't as excited about them as I was but I am sure that he will use them more in the future.