Saturday, April 27, 2013

10 month Birthday Hike!

 My little man is 10 months old today! It's a beautiful day and so we decided to go for a family hike. There is a trail right down the road and we had heard that there were some nice views. This was also a great opportunity to use my Kozy Carrier (which I love!).

We had a blast and although I should have been wearing proper footwear, it was well worth the venture. Liam even passed out into such a deep sleep that I was able to get him out of the back carry (all on my own) and into his crib without a peep.

Sleep Training Update: So I have decided to throw out sleep training and just go with it. I like to get him to nap twice in a day but I am not going nuts if it doesn't happen. Same thing with bedtime. If he goes down at 6 that great, but if its earlier or later, its no big deal.

Some nights are better than others and we even have some pretty awesome nights. Two nights ago, for example, he went to sleep at 6pm with out so much as a squeek of protest. He slept till 9pm and I nursed him. Then he was asleep till 5:30am! My boobs were super engorged and screaming but I was so happy that he slept through the night. Last night wasn't as good but he still didn't wake as often as he has in the past. He is also taking two naps at daycare!!! They are short naps (30 minutes) but its much better than before. They have figured out that he needs little distraction and so he is isolated in the corner with his crib turned around (so he can't see any of the kids).

Solids: Liam had a blueberry nutrigrain waffle the other day and loved it! He is doing well with chunky food and is able to feed himself well. I need to gather more finger food recipes for him. I have been mixing his pures with chunky frozen veggies like chopped squash. He loves this but its not a food that he can really feed himself. I am thinking of trying him on some pasta again.

Crawling: My little man isn't crawling yet but he is scooting around the house. He is so fast and gets from one side of the room to the other very efficiently  Today I went out and picked up two baby gates; one for his room and one for our room (to block off the stairs). We plan to get more gates in the future.

Can't believe he will be 1 in two months!