Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013!

Today was the Great Cloth Diaper Change. 285 hosts registered to hold this Guinness World Record event in 17 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Germany, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the US. (Make sure to check out the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 on my blog page for more photos.)
 There were only 2 hosts in CT, and we went to the central CT location. I was determined to get a grab bag and so Liam and I were up early and out the door. I was the 4th person to arrive.
Upon arriving, many of the parents mingled.

Liam was cranky because he would have rather been sleeping but he didn't completely melt down and I even bought him a little 18mth shirt as a keepsake. In the end, a total of 37 parents and babies participated. I got to meet some great parents and even ran into a parent and her little girl from daycare. They had a raffle (cloth wipes, really nice diapers, wool diaper covers) but we were not lucky enough to win anything. All in all it was a great day.

The Rules: We were to go to the designated area and hold up the diaper we were to change our babies into for a "before photo". At 11am, a bell went off and we had 2 minutes to change our baby into a cloth diaper (Liam was put in a BumGenius 4.0).  Then we were told to hold our babies up for an "after photo".

Grab Bag: The first 25 participants received a gender specific grab bag. In our grab bag was a plethora of coupons as well as a free sample of Eco-sprout Laundry Detergent (value $2.95), a free sample of Rockin Green Laundry Detergent (value $1.37), two snappis (value $3.95 ea) 1 bib by Bummis (value $6.95), 1 reusable snack/sandwich bag by Bummis (value 4.95), 2 cloth wipes (100% cotton) by Bummis (value ~$3.32) , 1 cloth diaper cover by Bummis (alas, no prefold) (value $10.95), a free sample of Motherlove diaper rash and thrush cream, and 1 oatmeal chocolate chip cookie by Milkin' Cookies (value $1.50). Total value: $39.89.

 I am pretty happy with everything that I received. I have been meaning to try ecosprout but it does warn on the label to do a soak if you are a new ecosprout user. I am not sure if I could go back and forth been that brand and Rockin Green. The Rockin Green free sample I got was lavender mint scented, a scent that I have wanted to try out.

I am super happy with the two snappis because not only did I want to try these on my new sbish flats, but I wanted to see if prefolds are any better than pocket diapers. Here is a great youtube video on prefolds, if you are unsure as to what I am referring to.

The two cloth wipes will come in handy and I hope that I wont have to use motherlove's cream (however I have heard great reviews and I am happy to have a sample on hand). Last but not least, I am thrilled with the new bib and snack bag. I was going to try his new diaper cover for bed tonight however, it was too small for such a bulky prefold such as the sbish. I will try with a smaller prefold tomorrow and see how that goes.