Saturday, March 29, 2014

Outing: Lutz Children's Museum

Tuesday, March 25th, daycare decided that they were going to be closed, and I was forced to take a day off of work. Instead of making it a boring day, I decided to bring Liam to the Lutz Children's Museum with a free pass, courtesy of our local library. Ever since the trip to my mothers (see previous post), Liam has developed an aversion to the car. I was glad that this Museum was relatively close by (as well as free!).

The inside of the museum, courtesy of the Lutz Children Museum website
My husband picked up the pass for me the night before and we had until the following day (a total of 3 days) to return it. The passes are great, however, you are only able to use them at a particular museum once every month. We got to the museum around 9:30 and the place was relatively empty. It took about an hour for all the other kids to show up. Liam had a blast. Although the museum is small (1 floor with 2 main rooms), it had plenty to do for Liam. Below are some great shots from that day:
Liam went inside the school house, and was having fun with the abacus.

Liam LOVED the train that ran along the ceiling of the museum. There was a button that the kids could press that would make the train run and blow a horn.

Liam chased the train from one side of the room to the other.

Waiting patiently for the train to come by again.

This room is above all the stores you see in the photo at the beginning.

They have a cow that you can actually milk (though its water, not milk).

He liked pressing more buttons and hearing the birds. He even signed bird while they chirped.

On the other side of the library was a room full of animals.

And this was the largest bunny I had ever seen.

Liam sat down with a complete stranger to have a tea party.

Here is the train again!

The museum also had a room that is called their shadow room. It's completely dark with a screen at one end. If you stand next to the screen and press a button, your shadow gets imprinted (temporary) on the wall. The museum also holds lots of classes but Liam is not really ready for a sit-down type of activity. It was a great place for his age group and I know we will be back again this spring/summer.