Saturday, March 29, 2014

21 Months! Milestones, Speech evaluation and Spring Break

Liam is 21 months (and two days) old! We have been having alot of fun over the past couple of weeks.

Over the past month, there haven't really been any major milestones. He has gotten a lot better at puzzles and now enjoys picture books. His favorite book right now is "Cat in the Hat" and anything to do with trucks. He has gotten a hold of my Ipad and enjoys flicking through the apps. I did put one PBS app on there which allows him to flip through different PBS shows. This gives him the freedom to click on a characters face in order to get the show he wants. His favorite shows are "Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that", "Danielle Tigers Neighborhood", and Dinosaur Train. Sometimes he will watch Clifford.

His eating has become better and he no longer has a meat aversion. He ate meatloaf (turkey) the other night which was filled with carrots and spinach, along with mash potatoes and gravy. Last night he ate a mini turkey burger with a blueberry zucchini muffin. His favorite foods right now are yogurt, Belvita breakfast bars, Lara bars- apple pie flavor (which I only give him once in a while), apple sauce and mini- oranges (which I think he is slowly getting tired of). He also has 3 of his four "2 year" teeth coming in.

His favorite toys (currently) are toy trains, cars and and thing with wheels. He loves to put the trains together and push them around on a track. His favorite sleeping cuddly right now is a polar bear. He will lay with it while rubbing the tag between his fingers. He also likes his light-up seahorse while he is falling asleep.

Speech Evaluation:
A week ago Friday, Liam was evaluated for speech delay through a state program, "Birth-to-Three." They came by the house and had him "play" with toys, while I answered a few questions. Overall the evaluation process took about 2 hours. By the end of it, Liam was in a fowl mood and was not cooperating at all. He did do a couple of signs for them but was silent most of the time. She asked him to point to particular objects (ball, shoes, etc) in both a book and on the floor. He wasn't able to do that. They diagnosed him with a receptive and expressive communication delay. We were going to have him get speech therapy through their program but it is actually cheaper to go through our insurance with a private speech therapist. We are planing to start the therapy in May. I was hoping that he didn't need the extra help, but I don't want him any more frustrated. He is such a smart little boy, and I know he can talk... there is just something that is holding him back. While at my mothers for spring break, he would say phrases such as "I-did-it" really fast, or "bless-you" if you sneezed. The problem is that he wont repeat them for you, nor will he say it all the time. The other night, my husband said to Liam, "Goodnight, I love you!" and Liam, clear as day, said "Love you". We both just looked at each other in shock. But he wont repeat it. I am hoping that the therapy will build his confidence and get him to talk more.

Recently I looked at activities to do with him for the summer. I plan to write a separate post on two children's museums that we went to. I am also looking into buying a museum pass for the year (good for 200 museums all over the country) as well as local swim lessons.

Two weeks ago, during my spring break, Liam and I went down to my mothers. We have so much fun! We got to go see Grandma (my mother-in-law) and Great-Grandma. He helped out with laundry, went to the park, to the library for story time (which he wanted no part of) and to the local park. At the park he went down an 8ft slide all by himself and I nearly had a heart attack. See pictures below:

Shhhh. We were playing on the drums. Liam stop and say "ssshhh". Then go.... AHHHHH, and start hitting the drums again. It was very cute.

Liam and Eli. Eli is my best-friends daughter who is 2 weeks older than him.

This was the 8ft slide that he had no fear of. Eventually I put him on my lap and we went down together. It was lots of fun, but VERY cold.

Selfie with Grandma-V

Liam walked a dog and horse around with him alot at my Moms.

When we got home, it was apparent that Oliver really missed Liam. He wouldn't leave his side that entire afternoon.

Playing in Daddy's Car.

We are so happy that it is spring and hope that the weather continues to warm up. I am ready to put away my heavy coat and Liam is loving the outdoors time! I know that this summer is going to be a lot of fun.