Wednesday, January 30, 2013

7 month update!

 Today Liam is 7 months (and 3 days) old. I am back to work full time and he is back in daycare.

Class: Last week was our 2nd "Mommy and Me" class. We talked about the flu, solids, allergies and milestones. Then we sang songs, played with bubbles, a parachute and Liam loved every minute of it. It was so nice to get out of the house and just sit around with other moms, hearing their stories and experiences.

Daycare and Sleeping: Liam is back full time in Daycare. They say he's been happy there and this past month they were practicing the sign for "All Done". Things are going great with the cloth (so far no complaints) but he still will not nap like he does at home. Out of the entire day, he gets about 30-45 minutes of a nap, where at home, he sleeps 3 hours (split into 1-2 hour naps). I usually pick him up at 4pm and the lack of nap creates a "cranky pants" kid by the time 5pm roles around. It's too late to put him down for a nap and too early for bedtime. He has been going to bed at 6 pretty regularly (give or take 15 minutes) and usually without a fuss. I may have to go in once or twice and but usually no more than that. He still wakes about 3 times during the night but its been pretty regular. Once or twice he will have an odd night of waking every 2 hours (like last night) but this is rare.

Solids: We hit a roadblock with solids. I was mixing his oatmeal with a fruit or veggie and I also introduced bananas. I am not sure what did it but my poor little man didn't poop for 6 days! On day 6, he finally pooped at daycare, and cried the entire time while pooping. Upon wiping him, daycare noticed some blood and so I took him strait to the doctors. They said he had a small tare from the poop being too hard and to cut out the oatmeal. They also suggested giving him some juice (which he hated). We are just now sticking with fruits (no bananas for the time being) and some veggies. Thankfully, he loves prunes. Unfortunately for me, he has now pooped every 12 hours since then.
This morning he pooped and it was a nightmare changing him. His new habit it to grab himself while I change him so I give him a toy to distract him. I handed him Sophie the Giraffe, grabbed his diaper and a bunch of wipes. I was ready... or so I thought. As soon as the diaper came off, Sophie was shoved in poop. I was wrestling with him to get poopy Sophie out of his hands. Then the other hand goes in poop, then a foot. He started to roll and its getting everywhere. 10 minutes and I dont know how many wipes later, I had him clean and under control. What a mess.

Back to Work: For anyone who is a working, pumping mom knows how hard it is to leave your baby, and pick up the dreaded pump bag (and all the many accessories) to bring to work. Things have been ok and I have been able to find the time to pump, teach, prep, advise, grade and go to meetings. I plan to write a more detailed post on the working, pumping mom.

Postpartum: It's been 7 months since giving birth to my little one, and almost 7 months since my pph. I finally feel like things are close to being back to normal. My hair has stopped falling out, and all my baby weight (and then some) has melted away. Since his birth, I have lost 54lbs. Another thing that has melted away is my fear of childbirth. I am sure once the time comes to give Liam a brother or sister (not any time soon) that it will all come flooding back, but it really is true that you forget the pains of pregnancy, labor and delivery. We plan on waiting at least two years before trying again. Ideally I want Liam out of diapers and in some sort of preschool before #2 comes. Something that hasn't quite returned is my pre-pregnancy brain. I still have the "mommy-brain" where I can walk into a room and just stand there trying to remember what it was I needed. I am having to write more notes to myself, more checklists. I think Liam took and kept a couple of my brain cells. Another change that never quite righted itself is my taste. Food still tastes different. Thankfully, I am not put off by meat but that slight sugary taste is still lingering. 

Things on the horizon: Next week is my birthday! I can't believe it will be my last "twenty-something" birthday. We have 4 more weeks of the "Mommy and me" class. I also plan to make a trip down to my parents house in the near future. Liam is becoming more mobile. He is sitting up great and can scoot in a circle (still no crawling). I am hoping that within the next month or two, we may have a crawler on our hands. And then comes the baby proofing.