Saturday, March 29, 2014

Outing: KidCity

Saturday, March 29 was very rainy and so I decided to take Liam to KidCity. Although it had a lot of rooms, it also had A LOT of people and it was $16 for the two of us (plus parking). It opened up at 9am but we were running a bit later and didn't get there till 9:30am. When we first walked in, there was a train that Liam could look at while I paid and got a map of the play-center. Liam got a stamp for the toddler area (sea cave, in the basement) and we hung up our coats. We got on the elevator and down to the sea cave we went.
Down, down we go
The sea cave was just for toddlers and had lots of caves to climb in/on/through.
Liam had fun climbing on everything.
And he LOVED going down the slide (although he refused to let go of the horses).
We made our way up to the third floor to the "music room". Liam is banging on the wall.
On the side of this bridge were some gongs.
Liam loved running back and forth on the bridge. He may not speak much, he is very coordinated.
This is a rain-maker seesaw. He loved it, especially when a little boy was on the other side and bounced him up high.
Liam couldn't stay away from the train tracks.
Here he was in the farm room, "picking" carrots.
Liam went into the Space Age Road Trip room, which had a spaceship, as well as, a couple dark rooms.

Here is one of the dark rooms that were filled with gems that lit up.

He enjoyed moving the gems from one hole to anther, while watching them light up

We made it into the Fisheries room, filled with rubber fish and (manual) conveyor belts.

Liam is under one of the structures, moving a conveyor belt full of fish.

Liam loves balancing beams, and was pointing for mommy to climb up on the beam with him.

He did a great job on the beam, going back and forth.

The rubber fish have magnets on one end that allow them to hang on the ceiling as they move.

An overview shot of the room... really crowded, but you can see all the conveyor belts.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Liam a future Captain?

At around 11, it was lunch time and there was a perfect, toddler friendly snack area.
After snack, we went and saw dinosaurs!

He loved climbing under and being surrounded by dinosaurs (and playing peekaboo).

We found a car in the Main Street. He really liked "driving" and pressing more buttons.

Liam had a visitor come by and join him. He was a bit nervous and wouldn't look at her strait on.

And then, he got a bit upset when she tried to take over the driving.


Liam was very content being surrounded by cars and track.

As we were leaving he wanted to see the train one last time and I convinced him to go into the tube.
He liked following the train around and around.

Kidcity was a great place to visit, even with the vast amounts of parents and kids running around. We would definitely go again.