Wednesday, October 10, 2012

15 Weeks!

My little man is 15 weeks old! He went to the doctor on Monday due to a possible ear infection as well as a cold... thankfully no infection but they did weigh him as well as measure him. He is now 16lbs 4oz, 26.25" long and already in 6 month clothes!

He is grabbing onto things better and we have started transitioning him into his room. He is such a joy, always smiling and laughing. He does get fussy when he is hungry but who doesn't (I know I get very cranky when I am hungry, just ask my husband). Here are some great shots of him. I did get asked at daycare to start bringing more milk but that is another blog post that I will write soon.

In his crib looking all handsome in his 6month onsie.
Tummy time!