Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Please... thank you! Signing update

Liam is doing excellent at signing and so far has 19 words! His list consists of:

Open, Please, More, All Done, Milk, Eat, Help, Kiss, Drink, Thank you, ball, yogurt (which I made up... I have him tap his nose), apple (applesauce), bird, kitty, 1 more (holds up 1 finger), hat, brushing teeth, washing hands.

We are working on the sign for book (with he confuses with the sign for open), dog, fish and water.

Daycare is still concerned and confronted me again this week. Although I was told that he was probably not going to  be eligible for the birth to 3 program, I am still going to get him evaluated. If he passes the evaluation, at least I can bring it to daycare to prove that he doesn't need extra help. If he fails, Steve and I will then discuss our next step.

I know that he will talk at some point. He does say "ease" while signing please. "Eeee" when signing eat. I swear he says more when signing more (see picture on right). His total word list consists of:
Hi/Bye - he says aye.
Eeee- when he signs eat
Weee, Dow- for when he says, weee down, playing with trains
Choochoo- sound a train makes
He tries to makes the sounds for a duck and bird
Pop (sometimes)
Uh-oh- which used to be ut, oh, and now has turned into ohhhh.
ish- fish