Monday, February 24, 2014

20 months old! (almost)

Liam will be 20 months this thursday! This month has gone well except that we are all DONE (mentally) with the snow and are welcoming spring with open arms... 4 weeks away!

As previously stated, daycare was concerned about his speech and so we had a hearing test done on little Liam this morning. He passed and the doctor felt that he wouldn't get accepted into the "birth-to-3" program (which helps babies/toddlers with developmental delays) due to his hearing being fine and the fact that he uses baby signing.

We are thrilled that he passed his hearing test and he has picked up a couple more signs this week. So far he can sign: Open, Please, More, All Done, Milk, Eat, Help and Kiss (which is him blowing a kiss). He does sign Ball when watching his baby babble show but not on his own yet. We are hoping to get him to learn 1-2 new words a week. His pediatrician says that the more words he learns, the less frustrated he will get and that he will develop his speech over time. This past month he also learned two more words: Weeeee (for when he pushes a train down a ramp) and Ee (when he signs eat). He also says Dow for which I think he is saying down but I am not 100% sure.

We have cut down the DVD time to 1 hr a day (~30 minutes in the morning and ~30 when he gets home). I know this is more that what is recommended but it is a start. I will be excited when spring gets here and we can get out of the house more often.

My health is pretty much the same. I still have slight protein still present but much much less than before. I am 100% off of my steroids, which is very exciting! 

The house is coming together. The room that was being worked on since before Christmas (and way before that) is still in progress. We have discovered that the paneling above the fireplace in there is NOT contaminated with lead paint (yey!) and so Steve has been scraping off the awful color, bringing it back to its original wood color.

Below are some photos of events over the month:

Cabin Fever: Drawing on cardboard to pass the time
Playing with the trains at Barnes & Noble
Playing on Thomas at the Mall.
Playing on the flowers and animals in the play court at the Mall.