Wednesday, October 30, 2013

16 Months Old! Shingles scare, EMT Student and more temper tantrums

Liam is 16 months (and 3 days) old today! We are loving the fall weather and have been trying to get outside as much as possible. He has been doing great at daycare and it seems as though he can't get into the classroom fast enough. Over the weekend we bought him some markers and a coloring book, which he loved. The markers are made by Crayola and only work on special paper, which saves on having to clean up marker stains.

I have been having to deal with more temper tantrums lately. Changing his diaper has become a battle and I hate to "pin him down" just to get his diaper changed. He is such a strong willed little boy. Today he threw a fit in the parking lot because he wanted to walk from the car to the door of daycare. I hadn't grabbed all his bags yet and so I was trying to juggle the keys and him squirming like a fish in my arms, while he was screaming up a storm. I just started laughing and he stopped... looked at me and had this puzzled look like, "whats so funny".

We finally made it into daycare and that's when I was approached by the daycare director. She had informed me that one of Liam's teachers has shingles and wanted to know if Liam had had his chicken pox vaccine. I was pretty sure he had but called to make sure (Yes he had). I also called my mother to find out if I had ever had one... turns out I have not. So I am now waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if I need to get one.

 Cloth Diaper update: We are back in cloth!!!!! It's wonderful. I stripped the diapers with dawn, rinsed them like crazy (6-7 washes) and so far, we have not had an issue. Since then, I have also altered my wash routine based on two blog posts by Kelly Wels, one on ammonia and other on HE washers. She suggests, "If the diapers are very stained from the poop I run a fast cycle (it’s the quick cycle that last about 15-20 minutes in hot water. I then go ahead and run a rinse and spin cycle on the delicate setting. The delicate setting is crucial because delicate clothing setting will use more water. Once I’ve run the delicate rinse and spin cycle I go ahead and throw in a wet towel or two to add even more bulk. I add detergent and run a normal cycle with hot water and an extra rinse. That’s all."  She also suggests that you rinse the diapers ahead of time (by hand) before putting them into your diaper pail. I have been doing all of the above and so far, no problems. His bottom is rash free! Now if only I could get his eczema to clear up.

In other news: I had a student email last night with a question about an assignment. At the end of the email, she stated "I heard a great story about you in EMT lab last night. Apparently, you really freaked out one of the paramedic students by almost going into labor at graduation? That's awesome!! That poor kid. I was laughing my butt off. He still has remnants of total petrification over it." The story of what happened can be found here. I was only 34 weeks but having very strong braxon hicks due to dehydration. Poor guy.