Friday, October 25, 2013

Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum

Happy Friday Everyone! Just wanted to give a brief update. The above picture is of a reservoir in CT that I passed on the way back from a workshop last Friday.

Lead update: Liam's lead levels came back at a 5! We were thrilled that his numbers are continuing to decrease. He is scheduled for another lead test in January but until then, he is still taking his iron supplement and we are continuing to battle the lead inside our home. We have two contractors coming in November to fix one of the rooms and we plan to fix one room at a time.

Cloth Diaper Update: We thought that we had beaten the yeast... however it is back! He is back in disposable until it completely clears up. In the meantime, I stripped my diapers with dawn and hope that once he is yeast free, we will be problem free for a while. I had tried the tea-tree oil as well as the grape-seed oil but I think it was also a laundry soap buildup that was causing a rash (on top of the yeast). I am still mad at my washing machine and hope that we can find a happy medium for getting the diapers nice and clean. We are not giving up! Thankfully my husband is so supportive and wants this to work as much as I do.

Teeth Update: The last pointer tooth came in Monday and so I think we are over teething for a while. We just have those very back molars to come in.

Daycare Update: He is loving daycare! He now goes in without crying and loves to run to the sink in the mornings to wash his hands. This morning he was actually excited to go to daycare. They sing lots of songs, including sticky sticky bubble gum. I was not aware of this one and last Friday he came home acting all silly. He would put his hands on his head, and then dramatically pull them off laughing. It was so cute! I found out that Monday that it was due to the song, "sticky sticky bubble gum" which I still have yet to learn.

Overall Update: We are all doing great. The weather is starting to get colder and so we have been having the heat on in the house more. We want to get the fire going but we still need to go out and get a fire gate for the house. We rearranged the living room and I am loving the new space that I have. Steve's birthday was last week and so I had my mother-in-law over along with her sister from California. They brought Liam some toys and clothes which he loved (the toys more so than the clothes). He is really into cars and is now more interested in dancing, singing and watching movies (Dora or veggie tales). We still do not have cable, so most of what he watches is on DVD (we watch the news through internet feed from our computer).