Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day: Heath Update and Teething... again.

Happy Columbus Day. Both Liam and I had off and although Liam has been sleeping in till 7am most mornings, he decided he was going to wake at 5:30am. Liam had his 4th lead blood test today at the Hartford Children's Hospital. It was my first time there and as hospitals go, it was beautifully set up. I hope that Liam never has to go there for anything serious but if he needed to, I would feel that he was in good hands.

The woman at the blood station was wonderful and although he screamed and cried, it was over really quickly. He was such a champ. I had forgotten to put the stroller in the car but thankfully had my baby carrier. It was perfect for getting him in and out quickly and it really made me miss babywearing (although his weight makes me think that long walks are surely out of the question).

After the blood test, he had lunch and then I was able to trick him into thinking that it was 12:30 and nap time (when it was actually only 11). He slept till 1:30 and we were able to get to my doctors appointment on time without him missing his nap. My doctors appointment went very well and my blood results came back wonderful. My creatinine is down to 1.0, my protein is at an all time low (since June) any my cbc results came back looking good. I am no longer anemic and my ana is back to negative. He even dropped my prednisone down to 10mg (from 15) and says that I should hopefully be off the prednisone completely in the next couple of months. I got my flu shot while I was there too. Other than fighting a slight cold (runny nose, cough, chest congestion), I am feeling ok. Lets hope my hair stops falling out and I can gain some weight.

In other news, Liam got his left bottom "pointer" tooth. The right is still coming in. These are the last two teeth needing to come in besides his very back molars. Lets hope that they come in quickly and he can have a break for a month or two (I am not too sure when very back molars are suppose to come in).