Thursday, May 17, 2012

34 weeks 1 day!

I am 34 weeks 1 day pregnant today and our baby is about 5 lbs (weight of a cantaloupe) and 18+ inches long. I will actually be able to get a semi-accurate weight and length of baby at my next doctors appointment (36 weeks). They are planning on doing a growth ultrasound as well as a strep b test. I will get to see my little boy again!!! I can't wait.

This past weekend was graduation for seniors at the college I work at. I didn't have to go Saturday (outdoors) but I did have to go on Sunday (indoors). I made sure I ate breakfast, wore light clothing and brought my water bottle. My husband didn't want me to go but I told him it was for a couple of hours and that I would be fine. I was carpooling with some coworkers and we got there right on time that morning. I had a chance to eat again, drink some juice, fill up my water bottle and use the restroom. When we finally got in and sat down, I felt very squished against everyone (chairs were practically on top of each other). I don't know if it was the traditional robes I was wearing that was overheating me, dehydration, or claustrophobia (which I don't have) but I started to feel slightly nauseous. I started to fidget. The nausea didn't go away and I started to get really hot. My coworker next to me asked if I was ok, and I told her I was hot. She told me to unzip my robes. I did but it didn't help. As the commencement speaker talked, I started to get hotter and hotter. Sweat started to form on my brow and a prickly feeling went through my body. I knew at this point that all I wanted to do was to get very far away from the chair I was in. My coworker again asked if I was ok, saw that I was sheet white and said, lets get you out of here. We got up (speaker was still speaking) and we walked to the side of the arena. I was able to get a chair next to two security guards (who brought me water), strip off my robes and cool down. I sat there for a good 45 mins with my coworker, drinking water and watching the ceremony on the big screen that hung in the middle of the arena. We finally got up, went back to our seats in time to see the last section walk and the ceremony was done. Word to all: drink drink drink. I really do think I overheated and was slightly dehydrated. Never underestimate the heat of polyester black robes.

This coming weekend was suppose to be my baby shower. Due to my mom being in the hospital, we had decided to cancel the shower.  I will instead see family separately that day (my side and my husbands side). Because of no shower, my childhood best friend (who is 37 weeks!) decided to make a 3.5 hour trip up to see me with her mom and son. It was so great to see her and I got to give her a stuffed dragon that I had been working on. Her mom had bought our son a jumper swing for the doorway and a really cute lightup plush toy. My friend gave me an entire basket of an assortment of toys as well as a handmade baby blanket. It was such a nice surprise and we had such a great visit. Her son was adorable (age 22 months) and loved running around in our house, chasing the cat and opening/closing doors.

Symptoms: Besides the drama of Sunday, not much to report. I think he dropped because my belly seems lower though he flips a lot so who knows. I even had a home depot employee comment on my belly drop and that I looked about ready to pop any minute. I quickly argued with her that I have 6 weeks and that he shouldn't be on his way any time soon. I have been getting more heartburn and resorted to buying tums. The chest pain is gone (YEY!) but the exhaustion continues. We have our breast feeding class this coming Monday and that will be our last prenatal class till baby is here.