Thursday, May 24, 2012

35 Weeks 1 Day!

Today I am 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant and baby is the weight of an average honeydew melon (5.25lbs)!

I was going to write this yesterday but I have been more tired lately. This past weekend we drove down to see my parents and my in-laws. It was a very busy weekend but I am glad we went. The only irritating thing is that when I am in the car I get braxton hicks, so going 4+ hours was very uncomfortable. We hit lots of traffic and I had to stop and pee twice. We finally got in late friday night.

Saturday was a packed day. We saw my father-in-law on Saturday morning, my mother-in-law and family in the afternoon and the bestman and groomsman from our wedding at night for dinner. At my mother-in-laws, we got to see his grandmother, cousin, and aunt. It was really nice. We got some gifts including some great outfits, bath stuff, and his mom bought us a stroller/carseat system! We spent Sunday morning at my moms. She got us a pack-n-play which he will use the first couple of weeks to sleep in. We left Sunday lunchtime. My mom has been sick and in/out of the hospital. It was hard to see her sick but nice that she could see before our little boy is here.
Tuesday was our 1 year anniversary. I can't believe that it has been one year that we have been married. Within that year we bought a house and got pregnant. Its gone by so fast. For our anniversary, I made Steve a really nice lunch with a card, chocolate, london broil sandwich, rosemary/olive oil kettle chips and an ice tea. He took me out to dinner to our new favorite Thai restaurant. It was Yummy!

 Symptoms: Nothing new except that I think he didn't drop like I thought he did. Hes back up in my ribs. Sleeping is more uncomfortable and I am swelling more at night. This coming Tuesday I have my  last ultrasound.  Can't wait!