Wednesday, April 25, 2012

31 weeks!

At 31 weeks pregnant, baby is over 16 inches long (up to 18 inches long, depending on the site you read) and weighing over 3lbs (weight of about 4 navel oranges). I can't believe that I am in the single digit week countdown (9 weeks!).

This week our little boy has been very active. He stretches out and at one point, I swear his butt was just under my ribcage.

Symptoms: I have not had as much leg pain as before but I did get very over emotional on Saturday. I first cried over my leg hurting and then sobbed so hard at a movie we were watching that I made Steve turn it off (my poor husband).

This past weekend we bought a rug for the baby's room and Steve stained his changing table (next comes the varnish). We also got a wonderful gift in the mail from a coworker (a whale baby bathtub!). It was very unexpected and super nice of her. This weekend we have the maternity wing tour at the hospital, along with a baby shower that my work is throwing for me. This week is also my last week of teaching and so next week will be spent grading and cleaning up the lab. I am happy that this semester has come to an end but I am so scared about how fast its all going.

Weight: So I am ~141lbs. Starting at 117, I have officially gained 24lbs. By the time this pregnancy is all said and done, I estimate that I will have gained about 35lbs which doctors say is completely normal. Clothes really don't fit except for sweatpants, some maternity pants and some maternity shirts. All my other shirts ride up on the belly.

Sleep: Sleep hasn't been too bad except that sometimes when I lay down, its hard to breath and I have to go on my other side to get into a better position. I do notice myself waking up twice for bathroom breaks but all in all its not so bad.

Pain: So the only real pain I have been having is my poor ribcage and skin. If I eat a large meal, drink too much water at once, or if he decides to scoot his little body up too high, my poor ribcage decides to expand and my skin feels like its on fire. This happens about 1-2 times a day. I am also getting BH (Braxton Hicks) about 4-6 times a day as well. So far its not been "pain" but more just being uncomfortable. I know when they start because my chest will start to get tight (like I can't breath), then my heart races, my tummy gets real tight, and then about 1 minute later it goes away.