Wednesday, May 2, 2012

32 weeks!

I am 32 weeks pregnant and starting my 8th month of pregnancy! Towards the middle of the third trimester is when the weights and lengths of baby really start to vary based on what you read. According to one source, hes about 3.75lbs (weight of a large jicama) and 16.7 inches in length.

I was born at 32 weeks. My mom's projected due date was April 1st, but I decided to show up via c-section 8 weeks earlier on February 5th. My mom said I was 3 lbs 11 ounces and that my little head fit in the palm of her hand. I can't imagine going into labor and meeting my son right now. We still have so much to do, including finishing the nursery. I hope that we can get that done within the next couple of weeks.

This past Saturday we had our maternity tour at the hospital I will be delivering at. It was about 10 pregnant ladies and their spouses. The actual hospital is very nice but parking was a bit odd. Because they are in the middle of a major city, you have parking garages instead of a parking lot. There is one parking lot by the font of the hospital (by the ER) but it is a Valet service. They say that the protocol is to drop off your wife, go park the car and then walk up with her to L&D. Once you are in L&D, they put you in one room. This is a tiny room with a bed and lots of monitors. The purpose of this room is to assess how far into labor you are and to check on the baby. They may also do an ultrasound to see if the baby is head down. Once you are in active labor, they move you to another room. This is where you will deliver. It was a nice room with a separate room for a shower. Right down the hall was a room with a jacuzzi which I hope to use to labor in (but not deliver). We were in this room for about 30 mins. Our tour guide was so boring, and you could see all the other pregnant mothers getting restless. It was so hot in there and we all started leaning against the wall. Finally they showed us the postpartum room. This is where we spend the next 24 hours (or more) recovering and relaxing. Overall the tour was ok but the tour lady was not very good. She "umm-ed" alot and was very boring. We did get to see a day old baby born that morning.

On Sunday, my work threw me a baby shower at my Chair's house. It was very nice and I got a lot of really nice things for him. The party started at 1 and we didn't end up leaving until about 6:30pm. There was lots of food, including tons of appetizers, main courses and desserts. We both ate so much that we weren't hungry for dinner. My favorite were these little filo dough quiches. One was spinach and the other broccoli. I think I could have eaten the entire tray of them. The picture shows all the items we got from the baby shower:
21 books
2 stuffed animals
7 newborn outfits (we now have about 25 onsies total ranging from newborn to 0-3 months!) We did get one shorts set for 3 months and a onesie fleece sleeper for 6 months.
3 little hats
1 diaper bag with Winnie the Poo
1 ball and toy cellphone
1 tummy time play yard (ocean theme)
1 baby bath in the shape of a whale
1 extra car seat base for Steve's jeep
Breastfeeding personal supplies
His first pair of sandals!
Little socks that looks like boots
6 hand painted hangers
A photo frame for his first year
And two gift cards

Symptoms for this week include more leg cramps and exhaustion (on top of rib/skin pain). I have also been getting acid reflux. I saw one of the doctors in the practice for my two week apt on Monday and he said that my blood pressure is excellent (100/64), weight gain is ok and that I look to be in good health. He instructed that I should be walking every day and also taking two 15-20 min naps each day. I hope to get that accomplished once I am all done from work. This week I am just grading, and hope to be finished with grading by the middle of next week. Another symptom that I have been having but haven't really mentioned much is tail bone pail. I have actually been bringing a pillow to work and for the car because my tailbone will be in so much pain after sitting for too long (especially when I am sitting and grading). I also have TMJ and so this has gotten much much worse while pregnant. It hurts to eat apples off the core and it will act up if I am eating too many chips.

This Saturday we have our 7 hour childbirth class. I am hoping that we learn lots. Until then, its grading grading grading for me.