Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knitting Project

As blogged in the post, "14 Weeks", I started a knitting project for baby. My goal was to knit him a lot of stuffed animals that he can play with. My first attempt was the duck you see to your left. I can't believe this was started when I was 14 weeks along! Now at almost 22 weeks, I am finally done. No, it didn't take 8 weeks to finish. I put the duck on the back burner when school started back up and of course when I went to see my sister.

 I finally decided to finish the duck this weekend since I had some extra free time. There are no classes next week due to it being Presidents day, and I have many other knitting projects that I would like to get done before June.

My next stuff animal will be a stuffed puppy. I would also like to get a pattern and do a bunny for his room. I am pretty happy with how the duck came out but he will have to be hidden away. Oliver, our 5 year old cat has also fallen in love with the duck. He ran off with it this morning and then tonight, we left the duck on top of the flat screen TV (we thought out of reach of Oliver). While I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, Steve heard a commotion downstairs. He said that it sounded like Oliver was playing with something. Then he (Oliver) came bounding up the stairs, and in his mouth was the duck. Thankfully Steve saved the duck and as for Oliver; he is pouting at the end of our bed.