Wednesday, February 15, 2012

21 Weeks!

Today I hit 21 weeks pregnant and baby is growing and growing. Baby is about 10.5 inches long (size of a carrot) and weighs about 3/4 of a pound. He has been moving around regularly, which is always a joy. Steve has felt him a couple of times throughout the week as well.

Not much of an update as my symptoms haven't really changed. Still only eating fish and burgers as my  "meat" protein but that's ok. Sleeping has become cumbersome. I wake up achy and have to roll (yes, literally roll) to my other side. I am full of energy some days, and completely exhausted others. Usually by mid-afternoon, I am about ready for a nap.

We got our wood burning stove installed Friday (see my husband's blog) and we both LOVE it. It does dry out the air a lot but it really heats the house once its going. We also got our next oil bill and although we used much less oil (not running the dishwasher, shorter showers, having the heat off more), oil prices have jumped up to ~$4 again.

The night we got the stove going, Steve sent me out shopping at Kohls. The stove gives off fumes in the first burn, which are said to be nontoxic but can make you dizzy. My plan was to buy some more maternity pants for work (at least a pair of black pants). We'll, I was at Kohls for 1.5 hours and did not find a pair that I liked. The ones that were on sale were way too long and the ones that fit were way too expensive. I did end up getting a new wireless bra so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip.

(If there are any males reading my blog, you may skip this paragraph as it really will not be that interesting to you and may fall into that male TMI category.) I was happy with my new bra, however a girl cannot survive in one comfy bra alone. I decided to be a little creative, and macgyvered up a bra extender for my current bras. I had seen them mentioned on a forum, and then seen pictures online so I had a good idea of what I needed. I was desperate for a comfy bra, did not want to go out to find them, nor did I want to wait for Amazon to deliver any. I was on a mission. I took an old bra that was ready to be tossed, cut off both pieces in the back and sewed them together (the loops in the front, the two hooks in the back). I was so proud of myself! It actually works and now I have saved myself another month or two of using my current bras. I plan to actually go out and get nursing bras once I hit my 8th/9th month.

Yesterday was Valentines day. I bought Steve a single red rose and he sent me a rose bush with chocolates (which we both enjoyed together later that night). I am excited for the rosebush and can't wait to plant it, once Spring is upon us. Better sooner than later. It is suppose to be 51 and sunny tomorrow but I am ready for spring NOW!

No belly pic this week. I plan to do one every two to three weeks. Before pregnancy I was 116 lb, size 4 (which online says the waist is 26"). Currently at 21 weeks I weigh 130 lbs and my waist (measurement at the belly button) now measures 36" exactly.