Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Halfway there!

I am 20 weeks pregnant and halfway there for the total 40 weeks! I can't believe how fast it has gone! Baby is 6.5" (head to rump) and 10"(head to toe) weighs about 11ounces! He's the size of a banana.

He is doing well and kicking up a storm. Since the last post, I have been able to see baby kick and at 19w/2d Steve felt baby kick! It was my birthday Super Bowl Sunday and Steve took me out on a date of burgers and a movie (with popcorn of course). My burger was cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, at supposedly the best burger restaurant in CT called Plan B. The night was great except that I woke up with morning sickness (or maybe I just over indulged). I was pretty sick but have felt fine since.

Steve bought me a snuggy for my birthday and his mom and grandma got me a pair of maternity pants for work. They are great and so now I officially own 4 pairs on maternity pants. I still try to get away with wearing my larger pants unbuttoned and just the belly band but by the end of the day, my tummy is sore from the tightness and they are just not the same comfort level. She also got me a maternity sweater. One friend got me two great short sleeve maternity tops. The rest of the gifts were giftcards.

Belly Shot: 20 weeks!
Symptoms: hungry all the time! I'm not just saying it, my stomach actually growls every two hours and I get so hungry. I have also been suffering from what Steve loves to call "Mommy Brain". I can walk into a room and not remember why I went in there. I'm also pretty forgetful when it comes to chores I wanted to get done. I am always making lists now. It hasn't affected my teaching too much. I may be in the middle of a lecture and forget simple words. Usually I just pick a different way of explaining it and I can get through without sounding stupid. I have been having lots of "round ligament pain" right around the belly button. I get it more so at night. Another thing that I am ashamed to admit is that I have been very gassy (ssshhhhh don't tell!). Its super embarrassing. Ok enough said on that matter.

Dreams are still quite vivid. The cool thing now is that I dream of his kicks. Whether its him kicking me for real during the night which I incorporate into a dream or it's just my subconscious, I feel him kick in my dreams as much as I feel him kick during the day.

Another story I want to share that I am ashamed to admit. I drank mold! Not on purpose! I usually drink a juice/water mix in my nalgene bottle and then switch to water for the rest of the day. I clean out my bottle usually every other day. I must have forgotten to clean it out two or three days in a row (mommy brain!). That morning I fill it up as usual, go through out the day drinking it and then by mid day head over to the water fountain to fill up with water. That's when I noticed the white colony of mold/bacteria that had taken residence at the bottom of the bottle! I was so disgusted. I spent the next hour cleaning the bottle, gave up and threw it in the recycling. After a quick call to the ob's office, she assured me that I would be fine. I have since purchased another water bottle strictly for water.

As you saw from the previous post we have started discussing the nursery. We plan to start buying stuff slowly over time and will probably start the closet in mid march. This months big expense will be our wood burning stove that will be installed this Friday! Can't wait! For more stories on the work done to our 1760's colonial, check out my husbands blog: