Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starting the nursery

A before and after shot of our closet in the baby's room.
Yesterday we talked about getting the nursery together. We have some ideas of what we are going to do. We are planning on getting a crib and have the peter rabbit theme. I like the peter rabbit bedding from pottery barn kids (minus the bumper). We also like the idea of putting built-ins in our closest. We already took off the closet doors yesterday, and we took out the center column (so it looks open like the one in the photos). We are thinking of getting bookshelves from IKEA and including the changing table in the closet. We probably wont do it in white, but in a nice dark wood color.  Then in the actual room we will have the crib, maybe another bookshelf and definitely a glider.The wall paper is a beige color that looks like it was sponge painted on. I don't think that we are going to change that. The inside of the closet is going to get a nice coat of fresh white paint.

On the left is the glider that we had in mind. Its from target and was super comfortable! Its a bit pricey but I figured if we bought something each month, it wont be that bad. Plus we can look on craigslist for something similar. We like the fact that it has that button look. Amazon had some nice gliders but reviews were saying that they are poorly made and smell like chemicals.  And on the right is the Peter Rabbit
bedding from Pottery Barn. We are planning on not getting the bumper due to the suffocation risk. Also to the left is the crib from Target that we really like. It is a Delta Eclipse. It had great reviews and is made pretty well. The only thing is that they don't sell the mattress with it so that is something else we are going to have to research and find.
Looks like we have lots of work ahead of us but we have plenty of time before baby comes. I can't wait till its all done!