Wednesday, February 1, 2012

19 Weeks!

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a large mango! He is growing and growing and weighs about 1/2 a pound.

Symptoms: My belly has been stretching and I have been getting what they call "round ligament pain". Steve has also noticed that my "bump" is now higher than what it was. I have been getting leg cramps and every once in a while my sciatic nerve gets pinched. I've also noticed when our baby kicks, hes also a lot higher than he was a couple weeks ago.

Cravings: No real cravings. I have been eating a lot of burgers and BBQ sauce. My new favorite burger is fresh mozzarella, avocado and BBQ between wheat toast. Tonight was my fish night, in which I had panko encrusted lemon pepper cod, with lemon pepper couscous and sugar snap peas.

Almost half way there!

***Wanted to add, at 19w/1d I felt baby kick from the outside for the first time. I was just sitting in bed, on the computer and I hand my hand against my belly, right below my belly button. He must have turned, or kicked hard because I actually felt it!