Friday, November 11, 2011

Seabands, ginger, saltines?

Just shy of 8 weeks (7 weeks 6 days) and I have been doing everything to stop this morning sickness. Let me just point out for those who have never had the pleasure of being introduced to morning sickness, that whoever coined the term morning sickness was lucky that it only happened to them in the morning. The more correct term should be Morning, Noon, and Night (or just about every waking moment) sickness. The night of the chicken marsala I threw up so bad that I had broken blood vessels above my eyes. So now what....

1. I am wearing my seabands every moment (that is when my cat Oliver is not stealing them from me). I have three pairs (I am prone to motion sickness of every kind) and I have already lost one pair to the cat.

2. Saltines: I am snacking on saltines. I've tried the cheap 89 cent brand and the $2.50 stop and shop brand.... yea. Neither work.

I have been told ginger works but I have yet to find something gingery that I like right now. Even as I write this I am battling this awful feeling. It comes in waives... one minute I am feeling great! The next, I just want to go crawl into a dark hole and sleep. One thing that does make the sickness go away.... nice hot showers. However, it is not possible to take 5-6 showers a day.

I think the one thing that baffles me is that I can actually get sick while driving my car. It has now happened three nights in a row where I am sitting in traffic on my way home, praying that I will make it and not have to pull over. It gets to the point where I do a lot of pep-talking to myself. I have also discovered that when it comes to morning sickness, its not always mind over matter. The more I say to myself "its ok, its ok, I'm going to be ok" my body says "no no no". Just 1 more month of this... right?