Sunday, November 20, 2011

9 weeks!

Yesterday marked me at 9 weeks, however according to my ultrasound I should be 9 weeks this coming Wednesday. I am going to go by my original due date until my next ultrasound.

Currently our baby (at 9 weeks) is about the size of a grape and almost 1 inch long. This past week I have been really sick but today was a good day. I have discovered something wonderful to add to my very small list of things that I CAN eat. So far my daily diet consists of pasta with butter, buttered toast, carnations breakfast, fruit of all types and sometimes an English muffin with the yellow part of an egg. I had heard that peppermint tea is suppose to help with morning sickness, so while at the store I bought some. As soon as I got home, I brewed a cup and it was wonderful. I also bought a pack of candy canes. Yey for being in my first trimester around the holidays. The one worry that I do have is that this beautiful baby is not getting enough protein. I am trying to drink more milk, cheese and eggs. Hopefully by Christmas I will be over this meat aversion and I can fill up on what I have been missing.

Its been so hard to believe that in less than 7 months, I will be a mother. Its hard to believe that there is this little life beating inside of me, with its own precious little heart. But as hard as it is to believe, it is amazing and wonderful.