Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello little one!

Today was my NT screening ultrasound. This is where they check for down syndrome by measuring the back of the neck, and they also check the nasal bone (see if it is present). Baby passed its' test with flying colors and posed for some great pictures. Baby's arms were moving, baby was bouncing and was being really cute. At one point, baby was moving its mouth and the doctor said "Oh look, its packman!". So, in the picture to the left you can see the brain, baby's ear, baby's arm to its side, and the hand right above the tummy. Baby has its legs up too, just chilling. 
 Baby in this photo was looking directly at the doctor. Baby refused to turn and so the doctor actually had me lay on my side to move baby. The picture at the bottom was baby and its clenched fist. 
It was a real experience to get to see this little one bouncing around and then I also got to hear baby's heartbeat. 164. All in all a great visit. Next time I see baby (5 weeks), I will know what we are having. Sometimes they can tell in today's scan but baby was not cooperating. 

When I got back to work, my students were so excited to see the pictures. Some girls had never even seen an ultrasound picture before. One started tearing up, it was real sweet. Its so great to be able to share this with them. Its hard to believe that in 6 months, I will be a MOM. That this little one will be ours and will totally rely 100% on us. I hope we are good parents. I am still in search of daycares. Its been a tough search but I just don't want to settle. 

Christmas is just around the corner and to think, all I want for Christmas is a beautiful healthy baby. :) Though I think its getting to the point of where I  should be looking into some maternity pants :).