Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day Care & Cloth Diapers

Steve and I have discussed if we are going to do regular disposable diapers or cloth diapers and we have decided that as long as we can find a great daycare that accepts them, we will be doing cloth diapers. They have come a long way from cloth and pins. They are cheaper than the disposable, do not contain harmful chemicals, environmentally friendly, prevent diaper rash, and are ever so cute!!!! Steve insists that we not buy them for the "cute" factor but I can't help get excited about all the different designs. There are many different types, styles, brands and price points. Some come with snaps, others with Velcro. It is a learning process but I plan to go on the forums, check out the websites and see which had the best reviews. Tomorrow I plan to go and check out some of the day cares in the area. About half of the ones I have been looking at accept cloth diapers and and the others do not. There is one daycare that got great reviews, is in our price range AND accepts cloth diapers. I plan to check them out first thing tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!