Wednesday, March 21, 2012

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of an English cucumber (14" head to toe) and about 1 2/3lbs. Things are going well. Hes been very energetic and has been getting hiccups atleast once a day.

This morning I had my glucose test to see if I have Gestational Diabetes. I had heard so many horror stories of it tasting horrible, people fainting, throwing up etc. I was truly dreading my appointment this morning. But it really wasn't all that bad. In fact, the worst part was having to get my blood drawn afterward. The little orange drink that they give you tastes exactly like flat orange soda. I sat and grade quizes for an hour and it was all said and done before I knew it. Now I have to sit and wait for the results. If they are bad, I will know by later today. If they are good, I will find out at my next doctors apt.

My monthly doctors appointment was also this morning. They were very happy with my weight gain (only 2 lbs since my last visit), my blood pressure (normal) and he is measuring right on target (fecundity height 26").  His heart rate was in the 140s and sounds strong. All in all a good start to the morning. Now my monthly visits will be shortened to every two weeks!

I also found out this week that my work is throwing me a baby shower! They just sent out the invites today. It will be a a little over a month from now, Sunday, April 29th. This baby will be blessed with so many thoughtful gifts. My mom is also throwing me a baby shower May 19th.

April, I feel, is going to fly by. It will be the busiest month for us and my last month teaching until September. Easter after the first week in April, Then the 14th Steve and I are attending a cloth diaper class. The 21st I have an all day workshop and the 29th is the baby shower.

So far March has been a good month. Last weeks weather was beautiful and this week, its been just as nice. Today we are suppose to reach 80 and tomorrow a record high of 85. In lieu of the beautiful weather, Steve and I have been working on the garden. We have raked some of the leaves, picked up about half of the fallen branches (from the October storm) and its really starting to look nice back there. This past weekend we bought the crib (YEY!) and also a lawn mower. Plans for this weekend include fixing the wall in the baby closet and measuring for some shelves.