Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prenatal Classes Booked!

This past weekend, Steve and I signed up for all the prenatal classes. We were going back and forth and which classes to sign up for but in the end we went with these:
       1. Childbirth Class: It is an all day (9-4) Saturday class. We were going to go with a two Saturday classes closer to home but both those Saturdays are booked for me. Also, our insurance is paying 90% of the cover charge, which is great. Description: "This one-day Saturday program provides you with the essential information you need for labor and birth of your baby. Topics include: stages of labor, relaxation, breathing techniques, pain management options and other coping skills. Parents will come away with an understanding of how to be an active participant in the birth of their baby."
       2. Breastfeeding Class: I was originally going to take this one at the hospital that I plan on delivering at but it was kind of expensive. Someone has suggested looking at neighboring hospitals. I did and found one 10 miles away at a different hospital which was totally free. Description: "This one night class covers topics such as the benefits of breastfeeding, the first few hours, positioning and latching, avoiding common problems, and how to know if your baby is 'getting enough'."
       3. Maternity Tour- This is a free tour of the maternity ward at the hospital, along with the NICU center. 
       4. Cloth Diapering Class- This one is about two hours and sponsored by a store called Natural Pure Essentials. Description: "Are you interested in cloth diapering but don't know where to start, or have you just started cloth diapering but have many unanswered questions? Learn about the benefits of using cloth diapers, types of cloth diapers, cloth diapering a newborn, how to store and wash diapers-tips on dealing with poopy diapers, travelling with cloth diapers -what are your options, see and feel the diapers in person and even practice your cloth diapering skills, receive a 10% coupon towards your first purchase"
       5. La Leche League Meeting- This one is just for me. It's a breast feeding support group for Moms in my area that meet once a month. Because they met on a Thursday morning, I was unable to go (due to work). Since I am done at the end of April, I signed up to go to the meetings in May and June. 

I am pretty excited about the classes. Steve is working on stripping the baby dresser/changing table this weekend along with fixing the plaster wall in the baby's room. AND we also started adding to our baby registry. It's been a baby-filled weekend. :)