Thursday, March 15, 2012

25 Weeks 1 Day.

Today I am 25 weeks 1 day pregnant and our little boy is about 13.5 inches long. He is about the size of an eggplant or one of those obnoxious recorders we all played in music class.

This week I have been trying to eat healthier. My weight seems to bounce up and down a lot and I have discovered that much of it is due to water weight/swelling. I am about 136 in the morning and by the night time I am 141. I was eating a lot of "crap" (i.e. muffins, chocolate, chips, bagels, candy, cookies etc.). I know all of those are ok in moderation but I was having a hard time feeling "full". I later realized that I am dehydrated more so than hungry so I have been drinking more water. I even put an app on my phone to remind me to drink more.  My new eating involves replacing cookies/muffins with fruit and lots more veggies, including more salads. I still enjoy what I am eating but now its in moderation. For example, yesterday I had cheerios for breakfast (my norm) and then a yogurt and strawberries for 2nd breakfast. For lunch I had a fresh mozzarella sandwich on wheat bread with fresh baby greens and Italian dressing and grapes. Mid afternoon snack was a fiber 1 bar and then for dinner I had rice with zucchini, carrots, scallions, mushrooms, and an egg (mixed in).

A new development of baby this week was that he has been getting hiccups. It's this rhythmic thumping over and over, in the same spot. It feels much different than his kicks, punches and rolls. The first time it happened, it really freaked me out and I was worrying if he was ok or not. The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL! It has been sunny, 60's-70's and I have been soaking in the warmth. We got outside to do some cleanup of the yard and found all these daffodils that had been planted by the previous owner. They are going to look beautiful when they bloom. We looked into getting the apple tree and we have to plan out the yard a bit more before we can plant one. We also are getting a tree taken down by the town that border both our house and neighbors house. The tree is so large that they are going to have to get a crane to come in to take it down. It's a shame since its such an old tree, but it's dieing and I would hate for it to come down in a storm on top of our home.

I have spring break this week and so I have been going to town hall to look up information about the previous owners of this house. I have painstakingly traced it back to 1859 to a Hannah Merriam. Since she was here before the town established I have to go to the neighboring town to look further back to when the house was first built (~1760). Its originally called the "James Warner" house, but we are not sure if he built the house or just lived in it first. Hopefully today I will find out more information. I plan to get there pretty early to start researching.