Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Buys: Changing table & cloth diapers

I am 24 weeks 4 days pregnant. Just as a quick update, baby has been stretching out while kicking. I can actually feel him  on both sides of my belly.
Friday, yesterday and today I have received some items for baby. First, I received the book, Changing Diapers. It's a brand new publication on cloth diapering and goes into detail on why you should cloth diaper, how easy it is, the different types of diapers etc. Its a really great book for those just starting out. Then I got my two diapers in the mail, along with a free sample of detergent and tooth tissues. The detergent is called Rockin Green and its what is most recommended for cleaning your diapers. The tooth tissue is a way to clean babies gums and teeth. The cool thing with the tooth tissues is that the woman who developed them is Steve's dentist here in CT.
Before I go into what diapers I got, why I chose those and what I have learned so far, I wanted to show off the changing table that we got off of Craig's List. This will be the focal point of his closet, and will have a changing pad attached to the top of the table. Steve is planning on stripping the varnish off the wood and giving it a nice cherry wood stain to match his crib. We are also on a lookout for a glider for his room as well. Once the changing table is finished and placed in his room, I will take a final photo of it.
Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading up on different types of cloth diapers. There are many different types: AIO or all in ones, which are said to be the easiest to use, Pocket diapers (which is what I got), AI2 or all in twos which have an insert that snaps in and out, prefolds (much like the traditional cloth diapers, needing a cover) and hybrids which have disposable inserts. There are also many many many many different brands. I was reading that it is recommended to try different brands on your baby to see which one fits him the best. I got the two most popular pocket diapers, bumgenius and fuzzi bunz. 

The first diaper, fuzzi bunz, is a one size pocket diaper. This diaper is the type that can grow with baby. Within the leg holes are these elastics with numbers. They adjust with baby, allowing the diaper to get larger or smaller, based on the size of your baby. There is a pocket in the middle of the diaper which holds a padded piece of cloth called a soaker. The soakers range in size, thickness and material type. I did notice that the fuzzi bunz soakers are much thicker than the bumgenius soakers.

The second diaper, bumgenius, is also a one-size pocket diaper, meant to grow with baby. This one, however, has snaps instead of the elastics. The snaps are in the front and allow the diaper to be bigger or smaller in the front. There is an option for both where you can get bio-liners. It's a liner that you put in the diaper, and you pull and flush. This seems great if you are out and don't want to carry around poopy diapers in a hot car. I plan to try the liners and see if they are worth the trouble/money.

I may have mentioned this before but I plan to use disposable for the first two weeks. That way, I can see what size he needs (if I don't stick with the one size) and I won't feel so overwhelmed. I am super excited to use the cloth diapers. They are super soft and I know a couple of people who have been pretty successful with them.