Wednesday, March 7, 2012

24 Weeks! Spring is just around the corner

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant and baby is the length of an ear of corn. He weighs around 1.5 lbs (mind you his weight and length are all relative. There are so many different sources that say different things. Its possible he is more or less the "average").

Upon waking up, I have notice that the birds are back. I can hear them singing nice and early in the morning. That, combined with the daffodils popping up, and the temperatures in the 50's today, spring is definitely around the corner. Tomorrow is even suppose to be in the 60s.

Symptoms: My "sweet" taste is slowly slowly starting to fade. As is my over-sense of smell (Yey, Steve doesn't smell anymore!). I still can't eat chicken, pork, ham, tomato sauce, etc, but things are tasting less "odd". I can even eat french fries again (which I'm sure doesn't help to me eating healthy). I am hoping that by Easter, I will enjoy ham, mash, gravy and all the other items I have been missing. I have been having some rib pain, braxton hicks, and flushing of the face (the joys of pregnancy!). I measured my belly last night and it was just over 37 inches. Weight was 135.

We looked at cribs this past weekend again and think we have found one at Babies-R-Us that we like. Once we actually purchase a crib, I will post a picture of it. We also registered at Babies-R-Us. It was a bit overwhelming and after an hour, I was hungry and begged Steve to take me out to lunch. I also purchased two cloth diapers this weekend from Amazon, along with a Cloth Diapering book that was recently published. Those are suppose to come this weekend and I will blog about them once I get them in.

Something that I wanted to note about this past week... my poor belly button. I thought that I had a relatively cute belly button (as belly buttons go). Mine was pierced but that soon came out once I found out I was pregnant. Now, my poor belly button looks bruised, stretched, and scary. This week its starting to go from being an "inny" to an "outy". I have been assured that it will go back to the way it was. I hope so.

I must look more "pregnant" than usual because I have been getting more comments from co-workers, and people at the store. Finding cloths is hard to find and I have stopped wearing my Belly Band. I am finding that shirts are looking a lot shorter on me. Most of my "maternity" tops are summer except for the three that I wear ALL the time. I really don't want to buy anymore as I am hoping that it will warm up soon. Plus as I am teaching, I get hot real fast, and can't wear heavy sweaters.

We went to a gardening class last night at the library which was fun. We talked to a "master gardener" and learned all about how to start and maintain a garden. I think we may start doing one for our yard this weekend (among the many other projects). We are going to start small first (as I will not have time to maintain it this year). We are also looking into planting an apple tree out front.