Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Weeks (and a bit)

So I am just over 10 weeks and I am actually starting to feel good (I know I know... I've just jinxed myself). Baby is the size of a prune or a kumquat and is now considered a fetus (no longer an embryo). My morning sickness has gone from really bad, to tolerable and I am not as exhausted. I am actually nervous and really can't wait for the next appointment to see baby again (a whole two weeks!). A new symptom is smells. My sense of smell has increased to where everything smells... my students, my car, my work. I was barely able to make it through Walmart over the weekend because of the smells. I have added to my food list (Eggo waffles, smoothies and strawberry mini-wheats) and although I am looking much more round in the tummy region, my weight has stayed the same as to prior the pregnancy.   I have not dare try any meat yet and figured I can wait another two weeks (I plan to try it at the Christmas Holiday party). Grading has increased but I am slowly dwindling down the pile. Three labs left!!! I can't wait for Christmas.