Friday, August 23, 2013

Croup & Yeast Diaper Rash update

An update to Wednesday night. Liam was up almost every half-hour. By 9pm he was hysterical and short of breath. I took him into the bathroom, ran a steamy shower and called the on-call nurse. After a series of questions, and listening to Liam becoming frantic in the background, she confirmed that he was going through "strider", a complication of croup and that he should stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes. She instructed that I try to calm him and that she would call back. 

Once calm, he was still wheezy but not making any horrible "short of breath" sounds. We went out into the night air, listened to crickets and waited for the nurse to call back, which she did, just as she said she would. She informed me that I should call back if "strider" happened again and that I should sleep in the same room as him, keep him elevated, run a cool-mist humidifier and feed him honey-water to soothe his throat. She also said that I should make an appointment with his pediatrician first thing in the morning.

The rest of the night was a blur. Steve was still on night crew (not coming home till 5:30am) and by the time I hung up with the nurse it was 10:30pm. I gave Liam a sippy of milk and then cuddled him till he got sleepy. He went back down to sleep in his crib relatively well and once asleep, I pulled in pillows and blankets to make myself a makeshift bed on his floor. And there was where I slept for the rest of the night. He woke up 3 times throughout the night. Once he wanted to cuddle and so there we slept, both on the floor of his room till about 2am. Then he woke up and wanted more milk. Since he has not drunk or ate much that day, I had no issues giving him another bottle. He drank in haste and went back to sleep till about 6am. 

By the next day his voice sounded worse and his cough had increased.I called and made an appointment for that morning, which went ok.  She confirmed that he did have croup as well as a yeast diaper rash. She gave him 1.5 steroid tablets in a little baggy for the croup and prescribed nystatin cream (of which I already had) for the rash. She also explained that after croup, he will get a very "junky" cold.

We are back in cloth (and cloth wipes) and so I cut up one of Steves' old t-shirts to use as a "barrier" between the diaper and the cream. So far the steroid worked like a charm, clearing up his raspy voice and the nystatin cream is working well. He is getting that "junky" cold she talked about and has a phlegmy sounding cough. But all in all, he is doing MUCH better. I can only think... what next?