Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Did daycare just give Liam croup?!

My poor little man was fine over the weekend. We suspected teething pain but no fever, no real fuss. We even went to the library Saturday, played with trains and played "chef" in the play kitchen. He was a drooling mess but had a blast.

Then on Monday he was sent home from daycare with a fever. This was also around the same time that a diaper rash was starting so I assumed, oh no, here come's a week of Diaper Rash Hell and teething pain. We gave him some fever reducing medication and hoped that he would feel better the next day. I kept him home from daycare Tuesday and noticed that his throat was starting to sound real hoarse. Allegies? I first called his pediatrician who told me that if it was croup, that it was a virus and there was nothing I could do about it except cool mist at night.

I called daycare this morning and asked if any toddlers were sick in his room. The assistant manager assured me no, that only one little boy had been kept home due to a starting cough. I had an OB appointment, and with Steve working nights (sleeping during the day), I had to drop Liam off at daycare. He was fever free and so I hoped he would have a good day. When I got to daycare, I told the assistant manager that I was going to call in an hour to see how he was doing and if he was miserable, I would pick him up.

When I walked into toddlers, 3 children were screaming, 1 was in the arms of an aid coughing up a storm and two other toddlers and walking around wining and coughing. Great! So much for no one being sick. I told them I was going to call after my doctors appointment to see if I should come pick him up. I called about 45 minutes later and they told me he was a little fussy but overall ok. I then got a call from then around 11:45 to say that he was coughing more but it was because he was laying down. I told them if it got worse, to call and I would come pick him up. I waited a couple of hours and then went and got him. They told me he had a much better afternoon  but didn't nap long or eat very much.

Usually he will drink water throughout the day. The last couple of days, he has been on and off refusing water. He has even been refusing watered down juice (which he gets as a treat and LOVES). All he has wanted was milk. Not to mention that his diaper rash is starting to look worse and worse. I gave him a baking soda bath, put him back in a disposable and lathered up the cream for the night. I have a cool mist humidifier going and so I hope that he will get some sleep (though hes been waking up every 15 minutes coughing so I am guessing its going to be a LONG night). I plan to sleep with both doors open so that I can listen out for him.

They say the second and third night are always the worst (and thankfully not contagious to adults) so I am hoping that by tomorrow, this should all be behind us... I'm hoping. Hes not labored in his breathing so I am hoping that this is a mild case. He is going to stay home from daycare tomorrow and having a mom-and-me day. Lots of morning fresh air and lots of cuddle time. As for the diaper rash.... the battle begins. Wish me luck!