Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diaper Rash from Hell **UPDATED**

Well we have been battling a severe diaper rash for 3 days now. He cries at every diaper change and it breaks my heart. It started on Thursday and has not let up. It almost looks like a chemical burn on his poor little butt.

We took him to the doctor who prescribed him 1% hydrocortisone cream twice a day, triple paste, and probiotics. I have been putting on the coconut oil between changes and giving him baking soda baths.

As suggested by many, we have also been giving him lots of "naked time". Because of all the creams (and due to our washing machine dying), we have been putting him in disposable diapers (which I can't help but think that it's making it worse). Lets hope this clears up within the next day or so! I hate seeing him in so much pain.

Possible causes: 
1. Ammonia buildup from cloth diapers (once we get the new machine, I plan to "strip" them and try again)
2. Teething
3. Acidic poop from too much tomato sauce

UPDATE: Monday, July 22, and his rash is looking so much better. The coconut oil is really helping as well as the triple paste. This should be all cleared by Wednesday!