Thursday, July 25, 2013

13 months old (almost)!

This coming Saturday, Liam is turning 13 months! This whole week we have been down at Grandma's house, getting spoiled.

An update on sleeping. It has been going well. At home we are down to one waking a night! It is usually about 2:30/3am. He does still wake at other times but will cry for about 3 minutes and drift right back off to sleep. However, at Grandma's, sleep is not as good since we are in the same room. I am going to try the couch tonight and see if we will sleep a bit better. His bedtime is still 6/6:30 and wakeup is about 5:30/6am. Naps are great and he usually takes two (1 at 9am, and 1 at 2pm). I am not sure how I am going to adjust him to just one nap.

Liam's diaper rash is all cleared up but he is still in disposable, since we are at Grandmas. Once we are home again, back in the cloth he'll go. My husband is getting the house all cleaned up, lead free and doing odd/ends that needed done (changing out lights, putting things in the attic, caulking the bathroom, etc).

We had the health inspector in on Monday and they are pretty sure that it is the dust causing the problems. They are going to test the dust and do a soil test around the house this coming Tuesday.  Thankfully, Liams lead number dropped to 10. I will be happy when its below 5 but at least it is not going UP.

My numbers are also improving. I got a call Tuesday saying that my creatinine was down to 1.5 (from 2.2) and that my potassium finally dropped to 4.9 (within normal range). I am seeing him again this coming Tuesday. Due to digestive issues (a common side affect), he has readjusted my cellcept again and put me on a probiotic.

I have been doing a lot of reading and came across an excellent uplifting article: Winning the war against lupus: is a cure in site? They give an interview with Dr. Hughes who Hughes syndrome (a close cousin of lupus) was named after. It is his opinion that we have "95 percent of a cure" and that we should have a cure for lupus within the next 20 years. This gives me hope.

I also came across a lupus page listing famous celebrities with Lupus. A few top names include (no particular order):
1. Mariah Carey's husband, Nick Cannon
2. Toni Braxon, singer
3. Beethoven
4. Michael and John Wayne (actors)
5. Trick Daddy, singer
There are many more mentioned.