Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 Weeks!

My little Liam is 12 weeks today! He is growing so fast and I really feel that we have settled into a routine. He eats every 2 hours, sleeps on and off, and at night, he will let me have 1 four hour stretch (7 or 8 till 11 or 12). After the 4 hour stretch its back to the 2 hours of sleep (waking only to eat). Usually at 5am hes up and ready to start his day.

He has started wrapping his arms more around my neck, and grabbing onto things (like my collar bone). He has a favorite toy, Mr. Bear (see photo). He brings that to daycare and sleeps with it. I am still afraid for him to sleep with it at night (suffocation hazard) but let him have it during nap time.

This past week he has had a cold. We have his mattress elevated on one side (so he sleeps on a slope), we have his humidifier running and I am constantly cleaning his nose. He is also loosing some of his hair. I am hoping that he wont loose it all. I am also noticing a change in his eye color. I'm hoping it is going to turn to green but it defiantly isn't a solid blue color any more.

We have settled into a routine with daycare and I am able to manage getting him up, myself dressed and ready to go. The hardest part about my day is fitting in time to pump at work. Time flies by and I feel like all I do is watch the clock. BUT it's been 12 weeks! Almost 3 months that my little one has been on breast milk. I know that every bottle he gets, every feeding is making him that much healthier.