Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great things come in small packages

For the longest time I have wanted a sling. As many of you know (if you are a mother), doing things around the house post-partum is practically impossible. I can barely get lunch, let alone use the bathroom or pour myself a drink. He is usually nursing, sleeping on me, sleeping in my arms or crying. When I am lucky enough to get him asleep in his carseat or have him content in his bouncer/swing, then I can get a couple of things done.

I was telling my sister how much I need to get things done, and she said that she had a friend who made ring slings. She bought one from her and had it mailed to me from AZ. My new sling came yesterday and so far it has been great! I am still learning how to put it on by myself but if he falls asleep nursing, I can scoop him in it and so far he has stayed asleep. I will update you all in about a month and let you know how it's going.