Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day: Breakfast with a View

This past Sunday was Father's Day. I had gone out to Michaels Craft Store with Liam and we picked up a mug and picture frame. The mug was in a kit that came with acrylic paint. Liam was able to put his hand prints on the mug and after a quick bake in the oven, it became a great Father's Day gift.
The next art project we did involved the frame. I had a photo of Steve and Liam at the top, with a poem (printed on vellum) at the bottom. Steve and I had decided to make our own wedding invitations and so the vellum was left over from that. Liam's footprint was behind the poem. Originally it was a hand print, but at the last second I decided that a foot would be much better. Liam and I then did painting on Saturday morning at 6am. It was a little early for both of us but at least it got done in time. I was pretty happy with the end product and Steve was pretty happy when he opened the box. He couldn't

believe that Liam's foot was so big.

I thought it would be nice to go out to breakfast for Father's Day and so after the gift's were given, we got showered and drove out to a neighboring farm (about 25 minutes away) for "Breakfast with a View". The farm holds this even every Sunday during the summer months.
 We arrived there a little before it opened and were the third group in line. I wanted to get there early because I had heard that the place gets busy pretty quickly.
 Liam was a a little impatient about waiting to get seated. We went up and down the ramp a couple of times and I even walked down to the playground (more photos on that below). After about a 10 minute wait, we were seated.

 There were plenty of seats and all of them had a beautiful view of the orchards below. The weather was prefect, with a slight breeze.
 Liam was ready for breakfast,  spoon in hand, and mommy had forgotten to bring her arsenal of toys. By the time breakfast had come, he had already destroyed one creamer, gone through two sets of plastic cutlery and stuck both hands in my ice water. We had a nice breakfast of french toast (topped with farm fresh strawberries).
 By the time we left, there was a really long line, and I did not envy those families with their impatient children.
 Before we headed to the car, we decided to play on the playground next to the parking lot. It was a pretty low budget playground but Liam seemed to enjoy himself.

We took a quick stroll around the pond and back home we went. The rest of the day was spent keeping Liam occupied while Steve worked on the house. All in all it was a good day. We will definitely make it back to the farm for another breakfast.