Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 weeks old

Today Liam is 8 weeks old. It's amazing how fast time flew and how much I have learned (and still need to learn). My day is still filled with taking care of him but I am getting better at being able to juggle (on most days) getting the laundry done, prepping part of dinner, or tiding up while he sleeps. He's fallen into more of a routine and is better at napping in his carseat, bouncer, or bassinet as a-posed to in my arms. We do still have our needy, fussy days but it has definitely gotten better.

Passed out asleep

Fell asleep while watching me vacuum
Milestones: Liam sticks out his tongue (and tries to copy mommy when she does it too), drools, holds his head pretty well, twirls his fingers in his hair when he's tired, rubs his eyes when he's tired, laughs as well as smiles, enjoys bath time (finally), and is sleeping at least 4 hours at night in 1 stretch.

Nursing: besides the 6 week growth spurt, he is nursing pretty well. It is still very demanding but it's gotten so much better than what is was like.

Daycare: This Friday he will be visiting daycare for the first time. I have so much to discuss with them. My biggest fear is them overfeeding him to where I can't feed him to satisfaction at home (largest and most common complaint amount breastfed babies in daycare). I'm also afraid of him crying the entire time.

Bottle feeding: In one word: Nightmare. We gave him a bottle last night and he was hysterical. He didn't understand what the bottle was, then would take it and drink so fast he would choke. Steve would pull the bottle away and he would scream hysterically again. He would burp through screams, tears running down his face. He finished two ounces, and I then nursed him to calm him. We plan to try and feed him while I am out of the house and see if he is more calm.

After falling asleep on me, I decided to put him in his bouncy chair... he just snuggled more and stayed asleep. :)