Wednesday, January 18, 2012

17 weeks today!!!

Today I am 17 weeks and baby is the size of an onion! As we speak baby is dancing around, all 5+ inches of it. Baby has been very active, mostly mornings, nights and after I eat. Feeling baby move is the most wonderful and amazing thing that I have ever gone through... to sit here and feel this tiny thing kicking and moving, it just baffles my mind. I have actually been loosing sleep over it because I will get up to go to the bathroom during the night and when I get back, I just lay there and hope baby will kick before I fall back to sleep.

Last week I got in a beautiful baby blanket that a coworker of Steve's knitted. This added to the one my grandmother made my for my nephew (now passed to me) is a great addition to the baby's room. Either this weekend or next, I want to start putting up shelves and start making it look like a room for baby. It will definitely be easier once we know what we are having (12 days!).

Symptoms: Eating. Non-Stop Eating. I am eating so much more that I did during the first trimester. Its a wonderful feeling. I also ate a hamburger yesterday for lunch and it went down ok! Still can't do chicken but at least beef is a start. I have also been very emotional lately. I sobbed at a comedy the other day (Arthur); I cry at the news (try to avoid news now) and I cry at sappy songs. I did read a good book over the weekend, Belly Laughs. WONDERFUL and very funny.

Belly Shot at 16 weeks. January 11, 2012
I am very behind on prep for next week for school. My students start Monday and we have to pour about 300 plates. About 200 of those I am not allowed to inhale due to a chemical in the plates, especially when the plates are hot. I am hoping that we can enlist in some extra help. As far as when the lab starts, I will be wearing a mask, just in case. I don't plan on breathing over any students, but better safe than sorry. Thankfully, this will be the only lab that I really have to worry about. The other labs are models, slides, dissections and presentations.

Finally a belly shot. This was at my sisters when I was 16 weeks (1 week ago). I will post another belly pic for my 18 weeks.

Update: I took a 17 week shot.