Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello Winter, Hello Second Trimester

With Christmas only days away, I am actually happy that we are getting rain instead of snow. It has been a mild December and hopefully a good indication of how the rest of winter will be. Today's high, 52. (I know, now I've jinx us!) It is crazy to think that come next December, next Christmas, we will have a 6 month old to celebrate Christmas with. I am actually pretty excited! (oops, jinxed again. Please let baby be more like how Steve was and NOT how I was)

Two days ago I had my monthly doctor's visit. She checked my weight, my blood pressure, etc and asked how I was feeling. I told her my concerns of protein and she didn't seem concerned at all. She said fish twice a week is great and that I should be fine. Baby was making organs in the first trimester and that now my taste should change while baby grows and grows and grows. At the end of the visit she pulls out the Doppler and says "Dont worry if we don't hear the heartbeat, its still early". I told her about my home Doppler and she just smiled. She was looking on the left for baby and not finding anything. I told her, baby likes to hang out on the right side and sure enough, when she moved the Doppler to the right, there was baby. All in all a good visit. She did confirm my due date of June 27th so I have decided to stick with that for my blog. Today I am 13 weeks, 1 day pregnant and into my 2nd trimester! Grading is NOT done but slowly getting there. Today we are having a pizza party which I am hopping will go well. If not, at least I can eat the crusts.

My symptoms haven't really changed. My vivid dreams are still with me (had a dream last night that I was talking to my childhood dog, who has been gone for quite some time, and he was talking back). Morning sickness is pretty much gone but I still get the occasional cough cough and that nauseated feeling. I wouldn't say that I am having "cravings" but omelets are pretty high on my list of food to eat. Yesterday I left work early just so that I could make myself an omelet and boy was it a wonderful omelet. Two eggs, spinach mixed in with the eggs, and cheddar cheese in the middle. Once it was done I was going to have it on buttered toast but we ran out of butter so I grabbed the sour cream and smothered the omelet in it. Had it between two pieces of wheat toast. It hit the spot and was gone in no time. The day before that I had 3 omelets (just cheese). Yum.

Other exciting news. We found a daycare! I will write a separate post on that once we get all the paperwork completed but its relatively close to the house, only slightly above our price range, they do baby sign language and cloth diapers! They also have no problem taking baby out during the summer.

Finally the last bit of news. We bought a new [used] car! Well actually its a jeep but we are super excited about it. Its a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, silver, with 60,000K on it. Now I just have to sell my car. We are thinking of trading it in to a dealership through the auto-trader program. Once we get a family pic of the car, I will post it.Time to get showered and ready for my last day of work.