Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 and a full sentance from Liam?!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there. Today we celebrated the day by going out for breakfast. My mother-in-law Veronika, Steve, and Liam all piled into the mini van and off to Mitchells we went. For me, it was a day off completely from cooking (my mother-in-law offered to make dinner too!) and so I was thrilled to be going. Liam was not the best during our diner experience, and we were trying to think of many things that would occupy him. I first pulled out a pencil and let him draw on a napkin. This amused him for about 5 minutes. Then I tried to entertain him by stacking realtor business cards however this didn't work. We (Steve and I, while Grandma Veronika waited for food to arrive) took him outside to pick weeds (dandelions). Climbing rocks and haystacks were more exciting to Liam  and we finally corralled him back inside. Thankfully the diner had wifi and for the last 3-4 minutes of waiting we put on Doc McStuffin on my phone.Our food came out a few minutes later, the phone was put away and we were able to eat it without much fuss from him. I had ordered Liam a mickey mouse eared pancake, while getting 2 eggs, toast, and home fries for myself. He LOVED the pancake and even more so when he discovered the syrup.
After the diner, we went over to a local nursery and Steve (and Liam) bought me a English Lavender plant for the garden. It smelled wonderful.

Later that day, after Liam's nap, Liam, Grandma Veronika and I walked to the park. It was a beautiful day and it ended on an exciting note. Veronika cooked everyone chicken paprika for dinner (which was very yummy!) and after dinner I was looking through Steve's phone to see what photos to post on Facebook. I saw that he had make a movie from this past Friday of us teaching Liam to jump . We watched the video and then we heard it... a full sentence right out of Liam's mouth! I will post the video below.
We believe he is saying, "I can do this".<---- Highlight the blank area to reveal what we think he is saying. I do not want to sway anyone's opinion until you have seen the video.
This video is something I will be showing to daycare, as well as the speech therapist. I am still going through with the therapy but hopefully only for the summer. Below are some more photos from the day:
Cuddles with mommy after naptime
Grandma and Liam at the Park
Mommy and Liam at the Park